The 101: Preparation Concierge is devoted to emergency planning and disaster preparation. We offer users level 101 information and advice, and a smartly curated list of gear, food, and water solutions. We don't accept advertising, and no one pays us for our reviews. We are unbiased.


We take a particular interest in urban and suburban areas — these populations are especially fragile and susceptible to disasters, and are often the most unprepared. In other words, much of our audience are the type of people who have never before considered "prepping" or survival stuff. 


Following the dollars: The site is totally free. We are an affiliate site, so when you buy a recommended products on a site like Amazon.com, we get a small referral fee in return. We don't receive any funding or advertising directly from companies that produce the disaster supplies and gear, we are free to only choose the best gear — the stuff we really believe in.


Our resumes: (For more details about contributors, click here.) The founder and many of the contributors behind Preparation Concierge come from the outdoor and adventure media world. We have spent decades working and writing and reviewing gear for magazines and sites like Outside, Outside.com, Men's Journal, Outside Go, National Geographic, Gear, Condé Nast Traveler, and Adventure Journal. For a more personal insight into us and some of our stories, see this note from our founder, How We  Got Started.


We also have a broad advisory board, with members of the Red Cross, U.S. Navy Seals, CDC, FDNY, and Doctors Without Boarders sounding in. 


To test or not to test?: We do indeed test all of the gear. (That's our #PoconosTestHouse pictured above — where a lot of the gear goes through its paces on East Coast.) In many cases, this is gear we have used for years, and come from companies that we trust. It is the day-in, day-out use of the gear which shows us what works, and what will fail after a week, a month, or a year. For more information on how we source and test our gear, see our How we select gear page.


We welcome suggestions of gear that you believe in. Feel free to contact us info@preparationconcierge.com.

Concierge and consultation: Want to set up a consultation? E-mail us at info@preparationconcierge.com. We can set up a phone or video consultation to address your specific needs, and even get everything ordered for you.

PR & Media requests: If you a member of a PR team representing a brand who would like to be considered, please include "PR request" in the subject line. We love our PR peeps and we're always looking for the best products, period.

Media requests: We are experienced members of the media, including broadcast TV. If you are a member of the media looking for insights on emergency preparedness, please reach out to us at  Jason@PreparationConcierge.com.

Otherwise, click here to contact us.


Jason Harper, founder of Preparation Concierge

Jason H. Harper, Founder

Harper, who has lived in NYC for more than two decades, realized the need for Preparation Concierge when he started preparing for his own family — and found no resources for urban dwellers like himself. See his Founder's Note: A Dad's Dilemna. An avid outdoorsman,

he's a magazine writer specializing in adventure, travel, gear, & automotive reporting, with work appearing in publications ranging from Men's Journal, Outside Go, New York Magazine, Bloomberg, Condé Nast Traveler and others. As the founder of Prep Con, he very much believes in the need to get the disaster prep word out. @PreparationCon1; Jason@PreparationConcierge.com

Michael Frank Preparation Concierge contributor

Michael Frank,
Contributor, Gear & Advice

Based in New Paltz, New York, Frank has done everything from rock climbing with Alex Honnold to kayaking the coast of Nova Scotia. He's a longtime gear head and adventurer, and has written for Outside, Men's Journal, Esquire,


Matt Prior, Advisor, Risk & Survival

Prior is our resident bad-ass. A former British military fighter pilot, he is trained in survival, evasion and extraction techniques, and is also a Wilderness First Responder. He’s the founder of the invite-only Adventure X, which combines the mastermind

concept with unique adventures on a whole new level, and MP Performance, who work with ex UK Special Forces in outdoor environments to bring out the best in people. He’s also the director of the Explorers Club Hong Kong, and an adventure consultant for Red Bull. He's also driven a London taxi up to Everest Base camp (long story). When Prep Con needs an insider’s understanding of disaster survival techniques (and access to ex-special forces types), we turn to Prior. @mattprioruk, Prior's personal site.

Writer Rebecca Lindland.jpg

Rebecca Lindland,
Contributor, Gear, Pets, & Advice

Rebecca is our super-savvy, uber-resilient, single-and-loving-it super woman. A journalist, analyst, and world traveler, she claims she's "motivated by a baseline fear of getting caught unprepared." We just think she loves a challenge, having infiltrated the boy's world of automotive and living in locales as 

varied as San Francisco, NYC and Saudi Arabia. Come to her for practical advice on pets (she's a cat whisperer); traveling wisely, automotive safety, and running a ship-shape household that's ready for any emergency. Find her at @rebelcarchick.


Bob Atwater, Advisor,
Law enforcement & logistics

In his 36 years working in federal law enforcement, Atwater has much seen it all. He has worked with INTERPOL, the Dept of Transportation, and the US Border Patrol, serving everywhere from Washington, DC., to Lyon,

France. He’s always been a survivor & adventurer, becoming an Eagle Scout in the ‘60s, serving in the US Marine Corps, is a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy and, currently, is a vice presidentof the Explorers Club, which has taken him from the Sahara to the Gobi Desert. We rely on his deep institutional knowledge and situational acumen.


Sue Callaway,
Advisory Board, Special Projects

Master of too-many things, Callaway is a tech- and media-powerhouse, who has helped shape brands like Men's Journal, Esquire, and Fortune — where she was a co-founder of Fortune's hugely successful

Most Powerful Women franchise. She serves as both the head of our advisory board and PrepCon's Special Projects divisions, as we expand our reach into new media. She's also really, really fast in a race car.


Jeff Franklin, Advisor, canine expert

Few people on earth know dogs better than Jeff, who has spent more than 20 years as the preeminent dog trainer for the U.S. Special Forces, handling elite canines in Iraq and Afghanistan, and training dogs for SWAT and police teams. He also

helps owners and pets — and is as true a dog lover as you're likely to ever meet. For more information about his career working with dogs around the world, check out the book, Franklin: The man behind the United States Commando Dogs.) He is also the owner of Cobra Canine, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Marc Bloomgarden,
Director of New Media

Bloomgarden is a Emmy-winning director, producer, & cinematographer. His work has ranged from Nat Geo specials at Yellowstone, Discovery Channel's Everest Special, ESPN's X Games, and the Winter


Olympics in Salt Lake City, to the MTV Beach House. (Guess which gig has thebest stories.) At Preparation Concierge, Bloomgarden heads up all new TV and video production projects, bringing his expertise to the preparedness space. @MarcBloomgarden, www.Zoomari.com

National Geographic Adventurer, Adventure Journal and others. He has a keen understanding of both urban and rural needs, and the kinds of disaster equipment and skills to negotiate both worlds.  @mfwords; Franks's personal site.


"Preparation Concierge cultivates feelings of empowerment and instills people with confidence with easy-to-follow, very actionable emergency plans. How can you resist?" — DL MAG

"Googling the word “preparation” leads to panicked doomsday-prepper sites. Most people need basic emergency advice and a few key supplies. The site has a simple tiered plan that anybody can use to build the fundamental tools of survival for anywhere from 72 hours to a week." — COOL HUNTING

"What’s the best way to protect yourself from the next blackout, hurricane, or climate-change bummer that will soon be trending on Twitter? This is the concierge for urbanites in duress, dispensing emergency advice and the best ways to thrive when the lights go out in our downtown apartments." — UNNAMED PROJECT

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