Frequently asked questions

What is Preparation Concierge?

We are a company devoted to emergency planning and disaster preparation. We offer users advice on how to prepare for disasters, and also a smartly curated list of gear, food, and water solutions. We take a particular interest in urban and suburban areas — populations that are especially fragile and susceptible to disasters, and are often the most unprepared. In other words, much of our audience are the type of people who have never before considered "prepping" or survival stuff.

Does it cost anything to use the site?

No. It is totally free. We are an affiliate site, so when you buy a recommended products on a site like Amazon, we get a small referral fee in return.

Are your gear reviews biased? Do you test the gear?

We are totally unbiased. Because we don't receive any funding or advertising directly from companies that produce the disaster supplies and gear, we are free to only choose the best gear — the stuff we really believe in, and that we use ourselves. We do indeed test all of the gear. In many cases, this is gear we have used for years, and come from companies that we trust. It is the day-in, day-out use of the gear which shows us what works, and what will fail after a week, a month, or a year.

Who are the people behind Preparation Concierge? Who tests the gear?

The founder and many of the contributors behind Preparation Concierge come from the outdoor and adventure media world. We have spent decades working and writing and reviewing gear for magazines and sites like Outside, Outside.com, Men's Journal, Outside Go, National Geographic, Gear, Conde Nast Traveler, and Adventure Journal. We also have a broad advisory board, with members of the U.S. Army, CDC, FDNY, Doctors Without Boarders sounding in. Our official Advisory Board will be announced soon.

Can I suggest gear? Or send you products?

We welcome suggestions of gear that you believe in. Feel free to contact us @ info@preparationconcierge.com. If you a member of a PR team representing a brand who would like to be considered, please include "PR request" in the subject line. We're always looking for the best products, period.

What happens if I need personal help? Can you answer specific questions about disaster preparedness?

Want to set up a consultation? E-mail us at info@preparationconcierge.com. We can set up a phone or video consultation to address your specific needs, and even get everything ordered for you. Fees may apply.