Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker GPS Tracking Collar

A GPS tracker that attaches to a pet's collar. A good way to find your pet in any emergency if you get separated. Works up to three miles away, and doesn't need a monthly plan. We counsel using it as a backup — but be sure to get your pet a microchip implanted, which can read by any vet or animal shelter (and lead back to you and your contact information).

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker GPS Tracking Collar



    Importance: Handy for pet owners.


    Bottom line: You should get your animal microchipped. But GPS trackers that attach to a collar are an extra layer of security. Findster Duo+ has a limited range, but allows you to find your pet easily if you're both in the same neighborhood.


    Recommended for: Cats and dogs. 


    You’ll also need: Works with a smartphone.


    Be aware:  The collar GPS unit communicates wirelessly with a node you keep with you. It works up to three miles away in open spaces, and much less in areas with lots of buildings and foliage. So while it's not exactly foolproof, it should allow owners to find pets who get out of the yard or immediate vicinity. If you want GPS units with far greater range (and a monthly fee), look to the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker, which runs on the AT&T cellular network.