Ruffwear Grip Tex dog booties

Avoid foot and pad injuries to your dog by outfitting her or him with Vibram-soled booties. "After an event like a hurricane, a dog may find itself walking over sharp things or through water," says our expert dog advisor, Jeff Franklin. "They have pads on their feet. And while it's a thick pad, it’s not a pair of boots." These booties fix that problem. 


BUT, is it hard to get your dog to wear the darn things? Read a full review by one of our canine testers, Lola, and her owner, where they tried out the booties against the cold winters of Chicago. 

Ruffwear Grip Tex dog booties



    Importance: Important for bigger dogs.


    Bottom line: Protection for dog's soft paws after an emergency situation, which often involves sharp debris or flooding situations.


    Be aware: You have to first condition your dog to get used to wearing booties. And it's likely to take a while. See our field notes below, and a separate review from a tester in Chicago


    Says Jeff Fraklin, Preparation Concierge's resident dog expert: "We see a lot of dogs with pretty severe injuries on their feet. Sometimes you won't even notice a scrape until it gets infected. This is quite common in a storm scenario, where they have cuts on their pads that get infected by walking in bad water."


    When Franklin is out in the field, he outfits his dogs with booties, like the Ruffwear Grip Tex. "The ones with Vibram soles are the best," he says. Howeverr, you MUST get your dog used to wearing booties regularly first. "The first time you put the booties on, your dog will act weird," says Franklin. "With dogs, consistency is everything. And they have a short attention span. So start with those two minutes a day and work up to five minutes the next week. Then ten, and so on. Eventually you will only have to put the booties on once a month to remind the dog what they feel like."


    Another tester, based in Chicago, got his dog, Lola, to test them during wintertime. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE. "The Ruffwear boots are by far the most versatile of the canine footwear we’ve tried," say our testers. "They are adequately water proof to solve the housekeeping issues that drive my wife nuts. They are also the best blend of tough protection and flexible comfort that allows us to stay out longer in the harshest of conditions whether that be weather, terrain or both. We’ve accomplished several long runs over ice with no wear and tear."