Approach Dog Backpack

Consider this pack sort of like a high achiever's bag: For the dog who's willing and able to carry his oe her own food and gear. Consider it a doggy go bag. The Ruffwear Approach comes in various sizes and  there's also a slimmer hydration pack option, called the Singletrak. Importantly, the Approach has two leash attachment points, to lessen pulling. "My dog carries her own food and water," says Preparation Concierge's dog advisor, Jeff Franklin. "Even when we're just hiking, Abigail carries her own gear."

Approach Dog Backpack


    Importance: Handy for owners of bigger dogs.


    Bottom line: Make your dog carry her own weight... or a bit of it, anyhow. Consider this a doggy go bag.


    Also consider: There's another opiton, a hydration pack, called the Singletrak.


    Be aware: Dogs have to get used to wearing any type of pack, gradually, over time. See field notes below. Don't overpack or overweight your pup!


    Acclimatize your pet to carrying a bag way BEFORE any emergency situation. Start with her wearing it for only 2 minutes a day for a week, and then 5 minutes a day for a week, slowly building up tolerance and confidence with the bag over time.


    Our tester, Jason Henrichs and his golden retriever, Lola, have spent considerable time with the gear. He says, "The chest strap configuration on the front of the Ruffwear pack holds it securely in place without impinging the dog’s natural movement or appearing to cause any agita. The belly strap did seem to bother her until I loosened it up a bit. Overall, the rig is easy to put on, easy to adjust and fits snuggly to Lola’s body in a way that doesn’t  catch on brush as we walk. The pouches on either side are large enough to fit bulky items and deep enough to securely hold smaller items in place even when not packed tightly. We’ve only experimented with moderate amounts of weight such as a few water bottles and some 5 lbs weights borrowed from the gym. I can already see that I’ll need to avoid the temptation to overload her unless it is an emergency."