USC Trekker windproof lighter

The USC Trekker lights a claimed 30,000 times, and burns at a temperature of 2,000 Fahrenheit. It functions in winds of up to 80 miles per hour... in a driving rain. So let's just say that it is OVERBUILT. And when it comes to making fire in an emergency, that is a very good thing. You don't HAVE to have a lighter exactly like this, but a dependable lighter, plus backups, is a MUST.

USC Trekker windproof lighter


    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: A lighter that works every time.


    Recommended for: All shelters (home/away), go-bag.


    You’ll also need: High-quality butane fuel. Good for all kinds of stuff, not so incidentally.


    Lighters drive us crazy. The cheap ones are fine but they're cheap, and the ones we seem to always be buying for barbecue needs (you know the ones) NEVER seem to work... just like cheap flashlights.

    There is something immensely satisfying to this lighter which lights in the wind and the rain and burns so hot that sticks go right up. We wish we could afford about a dozen of them. Really. It brings out the caveman (or the kid) in us.


    Buy a case of butane fuel, like this Neon, 5-times refined butane fuel.