Cyalume Green Glow Sticks, 6-inch, 10-pack

Alternative emergency light. These glow sticks are ideal for marking your location in the dark. A great way to draw attention in an emergency, or mark a dangerous location in the dark. Examples range from marking an occupied house in a storm: When used on the roof they can be seen aerially. Or place at the bottom/top of stairs in an electrical outage. They are waterproof, non- incendiary, and cheap.

Cyalume Green Glow Sticks, 6-inch, 10-pack


    Importance: Handy.


    Bottom line: Great alternative light source, especially in road-side or storm emergencies. An excellent way to mark a location in the dark.


    Recommended for: Vehicle, shelters. 


    No. of units recommended: 1 for each vehicle in family; each shelter.


    Be aware: Lasts about 12 hours; but loses strength over time.