Best food for your go bag

These are suggestions for the type of quick grab-and-go food that should live in your go-bag and vehicle kits.

Best food for your go bag


    Importance: Crucial. Cause, you know... food on the go.


    Bottom line: You'll need food to last you a couple of days if you need to evacuate. You want light stuff with lots of calories that's easy to eat on the go.


    Recommended for: Go-bag, vehicle. 


    No. of units recommended: The food should be distributed between family members and go-bag kits. But think of enough to get you through for at least three days, if not more.


  • Go bag food

    Don't go crazily far afield to what you might normally eat — but concentrate on lightweight and lots of calories. This is the time you'll be looking for extra energy. Forget long-term health concerns (veggies!) and think instead to getting you through the next few days.


    1. This is a case where a collection of energy bars will go a long way. Our absolute favorite are the relatively new RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar, 12 pack. These are actually super tasty, if very dense. We love the blueberry, maple sea salt, and coffee chocolate flavors. And the old stand-by, the Clif Bar, we STILL stand by. Be aware, though, you can’t live on energy bars alone.
    2. This may break some conventions, but you might consider throwing a big plastic bottle of peanut butter in a bag. If you’ve got kids, you’re likely to have one around anyway — but for satisfying, high calorie, on-the-go meal, it’s hard to beat. You don’t even need bread… or utensils. We like Skippy Super Chunk, but whatever works for you.
    3. We know Adirondack Trail through-hikers that swear by macadamia nuts because of their crazy calorie count and oil density. The Sunfood brand sells them raw, organic, and in a resealable bag. And you can’t beat oatmeal. These individually packed oatmeal pouches by a Bend, Oregon, company offers extra ingredients such as goji berries, green tea powder, or beet chocolate. You can add boiling water, or simply cold water and let them sit. Picky Oats Organic Performance Oatmeal.
    4. We realize that, if have nut allergies, pickings here seem slim. And you’ll want and need REAL food. In this case, dehydrated food that’s easy to carry. In our food section, we recommend the Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack, with more than 100 servings. In this case, you would break into that bucket and stuff some of those packets into your bag. But, there’s a caveat — you need to heat water to make it palatable, and you’ll need a pot to heat it in. For that, depending on your needs and most probable situation, you’ll need to decide if the extra gear is worth having hot food, albeit hot food with vegetables and variety. See our section below for both the Jetboil Flash Cooking System and Stanley Adventure Camp Cook set.