Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Daytripper First Aid Kit

In an emergency that forces you to evacuate, you need a first-aid kit that you can easily (and quickly) take with you. This one has plenty of stuff in it, including a hiker's needs like Moleskin, bandages and dressings, a syringe and antibiotic cream. It weighs less than a pound, and it's 5.X7.5X3 inch package is easy to fit into packs. We also suggest this as a kit that goes well in your vehicle.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Daytripper First Aid Kit



    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: A reasonably small but versatile first-aid kit appropriate for go-bag and vehicle.


    Recommended for: Go-bag, vehicle. 


    You’ll also need: We suggest adding in trauma dressing and quick-clot at a bare minimum.


    Be aware:  All first-aid kits are somewhat limited. Go through it BEFORE you take it, and alter or add to your needs.


    The downside of any of these first-aid kits is you don't really know what's in them. You take a glance and then move on. The stuff in this Adventure Day Tripper is of decent quality, but still not entirely sufficient. We think it could use a few more items, especially trauma dressing and an anti-clotting agent in case of a serious injury. That being said, it's an easy size to pack and relatively lightweight, and the compartments are helpfully labeled. 


    For serious wounds, consider trauma dressing like this Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage and a blood-clotting sponge like the QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge with Zeolite.