You know who we trust in emergencies? The American Red Cross. We've come across them in our own emergency situation after a devastating apartment fire and the personnel were amazing. That's neither here nor there, but this 182-piece first aid kit has the fundamentals you need for minor wounds and smaller medical issues. We would supplement it with items (see notes), but it's a heck of a start. And it supports a great cause.

Red Cross Large Workplace First Aid Kit


    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: Fundamentals for first aid.


    Recommended for: All shelters. 


    You’ll also need: See field notes, below.


    Be aware: This is by no means exhaustive. We suggest supplementing  items. Also, remember, you'll need actual medicines. The kinds you use all the time, like aspirin and ibuprofen, and anti-allergens, flu & cold medicines, etc. Think it through carefully and stockpile the stuff you use a lot of. See those suggested additons here.

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