Quickie food in an emergency

Our picks for meals that are easy to prepare (or right out of the box), in case of emergencies. Ideal to keep stocked in your home shelter, often in the back of a closet somewhere.

Quickie food in an emergency


    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: You'll need to put away food that doesn't get eaten in the normal course of a week — but which could last you days (or even weeks). These are bars and sancks that serve as a kind of supplementary food to actual meal packets found in the Mountain House 14-day supply kit, which requires boiling water. These food items should go into a bucket, and live in the back of a closet. You won't need them all, just what you prefer, and find most palatable.


    A few notes: This isn't the time to worry about veggies, or high calories. You'll want and need those high calories in an emergency situation. Potentially salt, too. Still, you do NOT want to live on proten bars alone. Trust us.


    Recommended for: Home shelter. 

  • Foods with little to no prep

    1. This is a case where a collection of energy bars will go a long way. Our absolute favorite are the relatively new RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar, 12 pack. These are actually super tasty, if very dense. We love the blueberry, maple sea salt, and coffee chocolate flavors. Buy 12 to 24, at least.
    2. And the old stand-by, the Clif Bar, we STILL stand by. Taste good and provide good energy. 
    3. For those with nut or gluten allergies, a vegan option is That’s It Fruit Bars, which are sweet but tasty. 
    4. Peanut butter. You can't beat it for ease, the ability to spread it on most anything, and longevity. (As long as your family doesn't have nut allergies, that is.) If you’ve got kids, you’re likely to have one around anyway — but for satisfying, high calorie, on-the-go meal, it’s hard to beat. You don’t even need bread… or utensils. We like Skippy Super Chunk, but whatever works for you.
    5. We know Adirondack Trail through-hikers that swear by macadamia nuts because of their crazy calorie count and oil density. The Sunfood brand sells them raw, organic, and in a resealable bag.
    6. You can’t beat oatmeal. We HIGHLY recommend buying a bulk bucket of oatmeal, such as the Augason Farms Quick Rolled Oats Emergency Food Storage 20 Pound Pail. But it's nice to have individually packed oatmeal pouches around, too. We like these from a  Bend, Oregon, company, which offers extra ingredients such as goji berries, green tea powder, or beet chocolate. You can add boiling water, or simply cold water and let them sit. Picky Oats Organic Performance Oatmeal.