OMEALS instant food package

You live in an apartment and the lights go out. So does your stove and your refrigerator. Now what?

For the absolute simplest option for a hot meal, consider the OMEAL package. It is a real meal, and heats up itself, using a special heating element inside the bag itself. It's even got utensils. The downside is the size of the meal (small), and the relatively high price — around $8 per.

OMEALS instant food package



    Importance: Handy for most, but potentially important if you live in an apartment or other enclosed space and have no options to boil water in an emergency situation.


    Bottom line: A ready-to-eat, hot meal, for which you need no outside heating source. The absolute simplest way to get a warm meal. Just add any liquid to the package.


    Recommended for: Shelters, go-bag, vehicle. 


    No. of units recommended: One pouch is good for one meal — but even so, they are small. So you'd need a LOT of them to get by for even a week.


    You’ll also need: Nothing. It's all here.


    Be aware:  The meals aren't huge, and while the meal is palatable, it falls well short of delicious. This is sort of the lowest-hanging-fruit option for urbanites who may not be able to heat or boil water in an emergency situation.