Good To-Go ready-to-eat meals

When it comes to ready-to-eat meals, wouldn't it be nice to have ones that actually taste good, have a firm texture, and are healthy for you? Good To-Go meals hit all of these points. Created by a true-blue, former NYC-chef, Jennifer Scism, entrees range from Pad Thai, Indian vegetable Korma, and a chicken gumbo. And yes, the results are good! For a full review of the Good To-Go meals, and a Q&A with Scism, see here.

Good To-Go ready-to-eat meals


    Importance: Important.


    Bottom line: Probably the healthiest and best tasting (and most interesting) dehydrated, ready-to-eat meals on the market.


    Recommended for: Home, go bag, away shelters. 


    You’ll also need: Water, and a way to boil that water.


    Be aware: The shelf life on breakfast products are one year. Most of the entrees have a shelf life of four or more years. 


    As one of our tasters commented, "This tastes like food."
    Take for instance the Pad Thai. Fifteen minutes after the boiling water is added, the food is put on a plate with steam rising and a heady aroma in the air. The noodles are thin and cut short, unlike the long noodles we're used to. But they look like noodles. They aren’t mushy, and they haven’t lost their noodle consistency. On our first taste, we find a healthy blast of umami goodness from anchovies and fresh shrimp; a hit of cleansing acid; and a faint bite of red chiles. Oh, and the peanuts, which you add yourself from a small separate bag, are still crunchy.

    If you live in an apartment and you experience a blackout your stove or oven are likely to stop working as well. So how do you cook or boil water? Our recommendation is a backup system like the Sterno ActionStation Culinary 7,000-BTU Butane Stove. It packs up small and is easy to store in a closet, and works with 8-oz butane bottles that are also easy to store. If you're on the go, it's hard to beat the Jetboil Flash Cooking System, which boils water in 2 minutes and weighs next to nothing. It is even available with a coffee press. But you'll need the Jetboil-specific gas tanks .

  • Example order

    Here is the owner Jennifer Scism's suggestion for a representative collection of food to put away for preparedness concerns — or what she somewhat jokingly refers to as the "preparedness party pack."
    Note: Entrees are offered as both single servings (4 ounces) and double servings (8 ounces). Go with the double servings.
    7 days — family of 3
    Budget: Around $300.
    10 breakfasts — 6 oatmeal ; 4 granola.
    15 double-serving entrees. For instance: 3 Pad Thai; 3 three-bean chili; 3 classic marina with pasta; 2 Mexican quinoa bowls ; 2 chicken gumbo; 2 mushroom risotto.
    Says Scism: "Our breakfasts are huge. For entrees, our double servings are best for families. All of these would fit into a 12 inch by 12 inch by 6 inch box — so it won't take up a ton of room. Put it in back of a closet."