Lock-it Block-it Home Security Window Bars

Simple security braces for your windows. These adjustable bars fit into the railings of windows for added security. What we like best is that it allows you to leave windows partly open — key in the summer if you don't have A/C. Full window guards would be more effective, but these are a step in the right direction.

Lock-it Block-it Home Security Window Bars



    Importance: Important.


    Bottom line: A simple way to defend your windows from being forced open, while also allowing you to keep them partly open when it's hot out (remember A/C won't work if there's no electricity!).


    Recommended for: All exterior windows on shelters.


    Be aware: This doesn't stop anyone from actually breaking a window to enter.


    These actually work quite well on windows that slide horizontally and vertically. You could just insert a wooden dowel into windows as well, but the nice feature here is they are adjustable, with an adhesive keeping them from falling out. That means you can leave windows up a crack or more, but the stoppers keep the windows from being opened more than you've allowed. This is especially important if the electricity is out, and you need ventilation. A rather elegant solution.


    Door stoppers, like the Buddybar Door Jammer.