Clorox 30966 Concentrated Regular Bleach, 3 Count 121 Oz

Odd to say, but bleach can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. It will disinfect water for drinking, AND disinfect eating and cooking areas. One of the major dangers when you don't have water is unsanitary conditions. Unscented bleach will solve many of them.

Clorox 30966 Concentrated Regular Bleach, 3 Count 121 Oz



    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: Keeps eating and cooking and bathroom areas sanitary AND can make water potable.


    Recommended for: All shelters. 


    No. of units recommended: At least these 3 bottles.


    Be aware:  NEVER disinfect water for drinking using scented bleach. For a gallon of water, use 8 drops of 6% bleach, or 6 drops of 8.25% bleach. Double the amount of bleach if the water is cloudy, colored, or very cold.


    For disinfecting water, refer to this chart.


    Volume of Water

    Amount of 6% Bleach to Add*

    Amount of 8.25% Bleach to Add*

    1 quart/liter

    2 drops

    2 drops

    1 gallon

    8 drops

    6 drops

    2 gallons

    16 drops (1/4 tsp)

    12 drops (1/8 teaspoon)

    4 gallons

    1/3 teaspoon

    1/4 teaspoon

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