Buddybar Door Jammer

The best defense is keeping people out of your home or shelter. It's really worth thinking of buying better locks, door braces, and window guards. But if you are in an apartment or rental, that might not be possible. One helpful measure is a door brace like the Buddybar. It's made of sturdy (and heavy) steel, and fits under your door knob and is braced by the floor. Not as good as an actual brace, but quick to install.

Buddybar Door Jammer



    Importance: Important.


    Bottom line: An easily installed home security device: Will deter assailants from breaking into your shelter.


    Recommended for: Shelters. Apartment friendly. 


    No. of units recommended: One for every door that swings inward in your shelter.


    Be aware:  Serious locks, heavy doors, and full braces would be better. But who among us actually does all that?



    This thing is heavy, and sturdy. Feels industrial. It works well in our NYC apartment, where the lock sucks (though the door is metal). However, we have to move the carpet out of the way, and the floors can't be too slick, or the bracing doesn't work well.


    Consider window guards, too. The Lock-it Block-it Home Security Window Bars are simple but effective.