Epic Wipes, massive wet wipes shower substitute

A truly great wet wipe that's hardy and big enough to do your entire body. Good shower substitute. Leaves you feeling clean indeed.

Epic Wipes, massive wet wipes shower substitute



    Importance: Handy.


    Bottom line: When you can't take a shower, use these. They are HUGE and clean the entire body.


    Recommended for: Shelters, go-bag. 


    Be aware:  Bio-degradable.


    We used these after a night-long dust storm in the Gobi, and they were big enough to clean out all the gunk in our ears, our feet, and the entire rest of our body. Not too wet, not too dry. These are a fabulous luxury. But the packages are thick, so even one can take up precious room in a go-bag.


    A great addition to your house or apartment in case you lose water, and need a bath after many days.