Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set

If you're cooking on a propane/butane camp stove like the Jetboiler,  or even in the embers of a wood fire, you'll want something to in which to boil water and warm food. The Stanley is dead simple. It's solid, has a clever handle, and two insulated cups rest inside. And there's enough extra room to pack some extra stuff like camp soap. 

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set


    Importance: Handy to important.


    Bottom line: When you need to boil water or warm up food on your camp stove or near a camp fire, you'll be glad to have a pot to do it in!


    Recommended for: Go-bag, vehicle. 


    Be aware:  It's not expressly designed to be put on a fire, per se. We've found it's fine to sit near the fire, or, better, on the embers once they burn down. There is a plastic piece on the top which will melt. Otherwise, it's a hardy piece of kit.


    We like the Stanley 24-ounce Camp Cooker and nesting cups. Lots. It's just solid and as expected. Our only issue is that if the top isn't perfectly secured — and the cups settled against something — it can rattle around. We cut a sponge in half and included a tiny bottle of camp soap inside. You can also opt to dump the cups and store other stuff inside to save space in your go-bag.


    Camp soap like Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash, effective for hands to dishes and is the right size at 3.3 ounces.