Black 4 Gallon Square Bucket with Snap On Lid (4)

A good bucket is like a Swiss Army Knife. When you have one in times of need, there a thousand uses. These are square, so they fit better in closets, and are stackable. They also have lids. Consider to pack all your disaster gear together. When needed, they can capture water, be used as a portable toilet (with or without a Glad bag liner), hold excess food....

Black 4 Gallon Square Bucket with Snap On Lid (4)



    Importance: Handy.


    Bottom line: You'll always need a bucket. We bet you don't have one in your apartment, do you?


    Recommended for: Apartments, shelters. 


    Be aware:  These are NOT airtight. We suggest another kind of bucket for long-term food storage.


    Here's what we do with our buckets. We put all of our excess gear and disaster supplies in them (what isn't in our to-go bag), including items like matches, protein bars, etc. Then we stack them in a corner of the closet where they are out of the way.


    Looking for airtight buckets that are ideal for storing food for years? We suggest these, 5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Set of 6 - Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail - Food Grade.