Okay, we're being a bit cheeky. But having around some of the green stuff — preferably at least $1,000 in various sized bills, is a VERY good idea. Keep a good measure of it in your go-bag, at your home shelter, and an away shelter. In a blackout, your bank cards won't do you a bit of good. They still say cash is king for a reason.



    Importance: Crucial. We suggest taking out a minimum of $1,000 out of the bank. But $3,000 or even $5,000 would be better. Distribute it among locations.

    Bottom line: Cash is king, especially if the electricity goes out, if the banks go on the fritz because of a hacking situation, or any other number of things.


    Recommended for: Home and away shelter, go-bag.


    Be aware:  In true extremis, the American dollar might not count for a thing. In that case, imagine the type of things you could barter for and with — matches, booze, cigarettes, batteries, socks!