Gregory Mountain Products Maven 55 Liter Women's Multi Day Backpack

When it comes to go-bags, you want one specifically designed for your sex. The Gregory Maven 55-liter is a capacious bag with LOTS of pockets and compartments, which is ideal for the many different types of equipment you'll need in/on your go-bag. It fits a lot, but is surpassingly comfortable. We love this thing.

Gregory Mountain Products Maven 55 Liter Women's Multi Day Backpack



    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: A woman's multi-day backpack — ideal for use as a go-bag. It's big but comfortable.


    Recommended for: Go-bag.


    Be aware: See our notes about backpacks. You should ALWAYS try on backpacks before buying them.

    Some people will also counsel against a larger backpack like this as a go-bag, favoring lighter and less capacious packs. We understand that, but believe that, ultimately, the ability to carry extra food and gear wins out. If you've got to dump equipment in lieu of speed, you can always do that. 


    The Gregory Maven 55 is designed for women, and it shows. Our testers found they could carry a lot of heavy gear, and that it sat comfortably on their frames. The adjustable suspension is excellent. (It's also offered in several sizes.) But it really was the number of stuff and belt-harness pockets, bottle storage, and rain cover that won them over. It weighs 3.3 pounds.



    Men should look to the Baltoro's brother bag, the Gregory Baltoro 85.   Same great points as the Maven, but engineered for a man's frame. And for children we like the Osprey Ace 38.