5.11  EDC PL 2AAA penlight

Cheap flashlights are a bummer. They fail you when you most need them. We've bought those multi-packs from CostCo and woe be to you when the lights go out and you find out that your flashlight is kaput. The company 5.11 makes the best flashlights we've ever used — and police, the military and security forces tend to agree. (See our full review of 5.11 flashlights.) This penlight has more than 100 lumens, needs two AAA batteries, and will take a beating. Good for your purse, bag, nightstand, vehicle, etc.  

5.11 EDC PL 2AAA penlight



    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: You'll need small flashlights that won't fail you. The EDC PL 2AAA is made of aluminum, and is super tough. Feels good in your hand and works well. We love it.


    You’ll also need: AAA batteries. We like the these lithium from Energizer.


    These penlights from 5.11 are small and light (if longer than some stubby lights). They are easy to use, the light is great and surprisingly strong, and you can knock them around and still expect them to work time after time after time. We had one in the Gobi desert, and we used it throughout a heavy dust storm. It came out the other side just fine.

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