American Made Genuine Elkskin Leather Work Gloves

Gloves seem nice and all... but crucial?

We say yes. Whether handling a fire, clearing glass and debris, cutting wood, climbing fences... Protecting your hands is just about as important as it gets. And while many may think a technical glove is the way to go, we counter you need the strongest glove possible that still allows a measure of dexterity and finger feel. Elk skin is the best, most durable material we've ever encountered, and these particular specimens have served us incredibly well.

American Made Genuine Elkskin Leather Work Gloves



    Importance: Crucial.


    Bottom line: You'll need to protect your hands. These elk-skin gloves will —and still allow a decent measure of dexterity. They are super durable and will last hard use without holes in the fingers.


    Recommended for: All shelters (home/away), go-bag, vehicle. 


    Be aware:  The leather breaks in and conforms around your hands. Give them a bit of time. Use them BEFORE you really need them.


    Synthetic gloves always wear out first around the finger tips. These elk-skin gloves last great no matter. We've used them for up to three years of hard work. That's highly unusual.