MyDeal Pop Up Pet House

Overheating is the biggest danger to dogs. Says our dog expert: " "Heat is my number one fear for all dogs ... Make a shade tent out of a tarp if you need to, or a lean-to." This pop-up tent provides shade for smaller dogs, and we've found that they actually love to go inside. Great for a vehicle kit.

MyDeal Pop Up Pet House



    Importance: Handy for pet owners.


    Bottom line: Dogs overheat easily! Get them out of direct sunlight. This pop-up tent provides much-needed shade on sunny days. Perfect for your vehicle.


    You’ll also need: Lots of water, and plenty of ventilation.


    Be aware:  It's light, which makes storage easy. But it won't keep out heavy wind or rain.


    This pop-up tent works perfectly well for small dogs. But any type of lean-to or shade will work. What's imperative is to keep your dog out of direct sunlight. Our dog expert, Jeff Franklin, says:  "Heat is my number one fear for all dogs. Dogs are just not designed to be out in 90 degree heat with the sun beaming down. They naturally go to shade. If you have to travel, try to do it when its dark or cloudy."