Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series

A combo human/dog medical kit, the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series includes items like a special bandage to muzzle the animal, and a bandage that doesn't stick to fur.

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series



    Importance: Important — for pet owners.


    Bottom line: You should have a go-bag-sized medical kit. This one works for both humans and pets. Otherwise, we also like the Adventure Medical Kits Daytripper First-Aid Kit, which would suffice for you and your furry family.


    Recommended for: Go bag, vehicle kit. 


    Be aware:  This has the standard stuff you'd find in a kit, but includes a few extras like a bandage that can be used to muzzle a dog, and a special bandage that doesn't stick to fur. This dog-specific emergency kit isn't mandatory — but having a light, transportable first-aid kit should be!


    Our resident canine expert, Jeff Franklin, cousels owners that they should steer clear of debris and sharp items after a disaster or during an evacuation. "Go carefully over your dog's feet and pads every day, looking for scrapes and cuts." Franklin says to fllush minor wounds with clean water and apply an antibiotic ointment. The same travel-sized medical kit you use for humans should also work for animals, he adds.

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