Ruffwear Front Range Adventure Harness

You want the best leash sold on the market to help control your canine, and keep her comfortable. The Front Range Adventure Harness, shown here in orange, gets high marks for its dual point attachements, tough construction, including all aluminum attachment rings and tear-proof webbing, and an eye to a perfect fit. The Web Master Pro is even sturdier, has a handle for pulling up a dog, and zippered pouches.


Ruffwear Front Range Adventure Harness


    Importance: Important for dog owners. 


    Bottom line: Quality harnesses that help control your dog. The Front Line lessens pulling, while the Web Master Pro has a handle and zippered pouches for working dogs.


    Be aware:  Our expert dog advisor, Jeff Franklin, cautions that dogs must be conditioned to any new harness or pouch. Use it daily to get your pet used to wearing a new piece of equipment!


    Points that our testers really liked on the Front Range: It is designed to keep large dogs from pulling, and in better overall control. (This would come in mightily handy in an emergency, when tensions can be high — something dogs will pick up on from their owners.) The harness is reflective, too.


    However, one of our testers had to try two different sizes to get a harness that fit best on her canine.


    Preparation Concierge's expert canine advisor, Jeff Franklin, prefers the Ruffwear Web Master Pro for his working dogs. Crucially, it has a handle on its top to help lift a dog. There are also two zippered pouches on its side. Says Franklin, "The Web Master  is nice all around. It has pouches, and the handle allows you to lift or lower the dog, strap them in while on vehicles, water craft, air crafts etc.."


    A LED light that attches to the harness so your dog can be seen in low light. We like the Ruffwear Beacon.