Collapsible water/food bowl

Pet owners who have to hit the road with their pets may find a lightweight, collapsible water and food dish like the Ruffwear a sanity saver. (Your pet will already be stressed out enough in an emergency situation. This one is tough and works well.

Collapsible water/food bowl



    Importance: Handy for pet owners.


    Bottom line: A light, tough water and food bowl that collapses, for easy packing in a go bag or vehicle kit.


    Recommended for: Go bag, vehicle kit. 


    You’ll also need: Clean water. (Your dog or cat needs to have their water decontaminated, too!)


    Our resident dog expert, Jeff Franklin, counsels that you should pack a week's worth of dry dog food in a Ziplock in both your go bag and vehicle.


    More important, though, is giving your pet CLEAN water. Says Franklin: "I never let my dogs drink water that I'm not sure about. People say, 'It's a dog, they'll be fine.' That's not true. There's a whole list of harmful stuff that can get in water sources, whether its giardia, antifreeze, or even gasoline. Dogs get the same GI tract problems we do and it can stay in there systems for a long time."


    So use the same decontaminated water that you're drinking! We swear by LifeStraws to clean questionable water.