Emergency Food Variety Pack, Wise Co.

This bucket is filled with dehydrated food that will last up to 25 years. However, though it says 104 servings, it reality there are about six dinners plus supplementary items. We look at Wise's Emergency Food Variety Pack as a way to mix up your emergency food supplies, but not rely on it. We like the straight-forward nature of the Mountain House 14-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit, which is good for one person for two weeks. Wise's food is decently tasty, though, and is a good way to spread your food supplies out.

Emergency Food Variety Pack, Wise Co.


    Importance:  Important.


    Bottom line:  A good supplement to your other food supplies. n the days after a disaster, you need food that you can rely on. This bucket of dehydrated items should last a family of four several days — including breakfast, entrees, and side dishes that include vegetables and whey milk. Note that you DO need to add boiling water.


    Recommended for:  Home shelter.


    You’ll also need:  Water and some means to heat it if possible. (The portions WILL rehydrate even if they're not heated — but they won't taste as good.) Also, a pot to actually heat them in. We recommend this camp stove and this pot/utensil set.


    Be aware:  It says 104 servings, but the servings are NOT each in a different pouch. For instance, there are four separate entree pouches, each with four "servings" inside. Hence you can't apportion 16 separate servings over many days.  


    The bucket is sturdy and easy to pack. This makes it ideal for apartment living. You can stack them in the back of a closet on top of each other. But there's simply not as much food as we expected.