K9 Sports Sack

Imagine the best way to evacuate your home if you've got a small dog. Now imagine if you had to evacuate on foot. You might consider a special backpack like the K9 Sports System, in which the dog is loaded onto your back. It looks a bit crazy, we'll admit, but the K9 fits canines up to 30 pounds and owners swear by them. In a disaster situation, it will keep them out of the water in case of a flood, as well as keep your pup from having to walk over debris.

K9 Sports Sack



    Importance: Handy, for small pet owners.


    Bottom line: A way to efficiently carry your small dog, especially helpful if you would have to evacuate your home on foot.


    Recommended for: Owners of smaller dogs.


    Be aware: You want to get your dog used to this carrier by regularly using it — long before any emergency situation. 


    You also want a more traditonal pet carrier. For dogs and cats under 17 pounds, we like the Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier. It has three critical functions: It fits under airline seats; it is specifically made to be secured by a car seat belt, and it has actually been crash tested, using the same methods as those used to test child seats.

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