Think of this as a travel charger on steroids. The Goal Zero Yeti is a lead acid battery that provides up to 80 watts of continuous power. You can charge it up using a wall outlet or available solar panels, and it is ideal for recharging electronics such as cell phones. You could recharge a cell, for instance, 15 times. You can buy much bigger, more powerful versions of the Yeti as well, up to the 3000 model.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station, 150Wh


    Importance: Important.


    Bottom line: This will give you juice to recharge your cell or other small electronic items. You can also connect available lights. A reliable unit to recharge household stuff.


    Recommended for: Home/Away shelters. 


    You’ll also need: Goal Zero solar panels are highly recommended.


    Be aware: This won't run items that need a lot of juice. This 100 watt unit would run a device that uses 100 watts for 1 hour. 


    We've used these units during several days-long power outages in the Northeast. They are ideal when powering portable chainable lights and keeping your cell working.

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