Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

You know what's pretty great? A knife. And a screwdriver whenever you need it. Multi-tools are one of the handiest tools you can carry on a belt. We love the Gerber Center-Drive design because it allows you to open the pliers with one hand. Also, this one has an especially clever screwdriver design which works like a real tool and won't drive you mad.

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool


    Importance: Important.


    Bottom line: One of the most useful multi-tools on the market.


    Recommended for: Everywhere.


    Be aware:  The sheath is wanting. We replaced ours with a sturdy leather one.


    Leatherman lovers will always argue for a Leatherman. We get that. We own both the Gerber Center-Drive AND the Leatherman Wave. We like and own both. We really do. But we prefer the Gerber for it's one-hand operation of the pliers, and it's ease of use to get out and operate the blade. (Which is as sharp as all get-out. We used it recently to burst a blister and carefully pick out a foot blister.)

    But it's the screwdriver function that wins out. The Center-Drive has an action that works like a regular screwdriver, allowing you to use torque pressure. And it comes with a variety of screwdriver tips that fit into the sheath. Which keeps us from running back and forth to the house when we're doing chores.