Gorilla Tape, Black Duct Tape (pack of 8)

Duct tape. This is not news. It will fix all kinds of things. And if you can't buy new stuff for a while, or call people who fix stuff professionally for a while... well, you'll be using lots of duct tape. The Gorilla brand is as hard-core as any Duct tape we've used. Double thick, stands up to rain and snow... Yes, please.

Gorilla Tape, Black Duct Tape (pack of 8)



    Importance: Important (and handy!).


    Bottom line: GREAT Duct tape. And you'll need duct tape in an emergency or disaster situation for SOMETHING, pretty much guaranteed.


    Recommended for: Home Shelter, Go-bag (try the small size) vehicle, Away Shelter. 


    No. of units recommended: Start with these 8.


    You’ll also need: This packable "On-the-go" roll" for your go-bag.


    Be aware: Also comes in white, which has better UV protection.