Anker PowerCore Ultra-Portable Phone Charger

About the size of a pack of playing cards, this phone charger has two ports and can recharge a smart phone three to four times. Can also be used to power lights like the Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini USB chainable lights. This is something you'll want to keep charged up, for short-term emergencies.

Anker PowerCore Ultra-Portable Phone Charger


    Importance: Handy.


    Bottom line: A great way to recharge a cell phone, or power portable lights.


    Recommended for: Go-bag.



    We really like the portability of this unit. BUT, if you want an even more powerful unit, which can recharge your devices even more times (like an iPhone up to nine times), consider the bigger, more expensive, and more potent Anker PowerCore+ 26800.

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