5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Set of 6

The place to store your essential food — for a long, long time.


These buckets have no BPA plastics, and they'll keep your stored foods like beans and rice for up to a decade... without mice or other stuff getting into them.

5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Set of 6



    Importance:  Crucial.


    Bottom line: Longtime food storage is as essential as it gets, and you don't want stored food to go bad. You put beans or rice into mylar bags, seal them, and then put those bags into these buckets and hammer on the lid.


    Recommended for: Home Shelter, Away Shelter. 


    No. of units recommended: This has six (6) buckets, a good start.


    You’ll also need:  Mylar bags like these. 




    There are cheaper buckets out there, but we chose these because, simply, they're well made in the U.S., we believe in the seller and their integrity. And keeping your food stored is key.

    White rice and dried beans (and those other items above)  are naturally long lasting. But you don’t want rodents getting in them, and you want to keep air away from them as well. So the key is to pack them in both a vacuum sealed Mylar bag, and then put that bag inside a non-toxic, airproof plastic bucket. Luckily this process is easier than it sounds. You’ll need to buy several items:

    • The bulk food itself.

    • Five-pound Mylar bags, which include separate oxygen absorbers.

    • Durable, food-grade, and non BPA plastic buckets, with hammer-on lids. The ones we list are American-made that we've had great luck with.


    From there, the process is fairly simple. Pour the product into the Mylar bags, and then place the still-open bags inside the buckets. Get a hot clothes iron and a long flat board ready. You’ll open the strip of oxygen absorbers and throw one into each Mylar bag. Scrunch the bags down to get the most air out of them as possible, and then, using the strip of board as a brace, iron the tops shut. Then pound the tops on top of the bucket using a soft mallet or similar.Be sure to write the items and date you packed them on the outside with a magic marker or similar. These items should be good for at least a decade.


    Mylar bags, which you pour the dry foodstuffs into, along with the included oxygen absorbers, and then seal. It helps preserve the contents.

    And, well, food.  Like dried beans, parboiled rice, and the raw stuff to make flour, bulk oatmeal, wheat berries.