55 gallon water barrel (Augason Farms)

When you need to store a LOT of water. This one is great for longterm situations, and also allows users to disinfect a lot of water in one fell swoop. Especially necessary for those in dry areas and earthquake prone zones. You can store it in your garage or basement, or even a back patio. (Note: It's not apartment friendly.)

55 gallon water barrel (Augason Farms)


    Importance:  Crucial.


    Bottom line: Buy one (or two), fill them up, and forget about them for a year. If you need water in an emergency, you'll have it.  


    Should be stocked in:  Home shelter; Away shelter.


    No. of units recommended:  1 to 2 in any longterm shelter.



    You'll need to fill this up with clean water at the beginning, or disinfect water in the barrel if you put in water that isn't clean.


    Do NOT place barrel directly on a concrete floor. Rather put it up on two-by-fours or a roller. Chemicals in concrete can leach into the barrel and water itself. Water should be emptied and refilled every year or so.


    It’s always good to have at least a couple of bottles of unscented bleach in storage. Two drops will disinfect a quarter or liter of water; 6 drops of 8.25 percent will disinfect a gallon. Use ½ teaspoon for 8 gallons.