LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System

This is the best LifeStraw for longterm use, as it will clean 4,700 gallons of water. (!) It's also the most capacious LifeStraw, using either a 1.3- or 3.1-gallon bag to hold the dirty water. Using a gravity drip, it turns dirty and questionable water clean. You fill up the bag from a lake, stream, or other source, hang up the bag, and it will filter the water for you. A longterm solution, it should last years.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System



    Importance:  Crucial.


    Bottom line:  The Mission will provide clean water in bountiful and long-lasting supplies. This is the filter you want to keep at your apartment, house, and away-shelter. If you're going to buy one thing today...


    Recommended for:  Home, go-bag, vehicle, away shelter.


    No. of units recommended: 1 in each longterm shelter.


    Be aware: The LifeStraw will not filter out chemicals, seawater, or radioactive materials. The company counsels against filtering near mine tailings or downriver from agricultural operations (ie, chicken farms and cattle). It WILL eliminate almost 100 percent of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.


    The Mission is very easy to use. The bag itself is lightweight and folds up neatly. Open it, drop it into the water source, close it, and hang it, and the clean water is fed by gravity. It requires a bit of patience, however, as the flow rate is around 2 or 3 gallons an hour.