—"Um, yeah. I'm diving in. The world is freaking me out right now, so I'm going to take back my power by doing something about it. I want an actual, honest-to-god action plan"

The Comprehensive Disaster Gear List for the Wo/man with a Plan

  —The plan to take back control of your life, no matter what comes.

  • 51 items — while not everything on our full gear list, it covers all the major needs.

  • Essentially, it includes the beginnings of outfitting an "away shelter," a place you can escape to and survive for extended periods of time.

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51 essential disaster supplies for
the wo/man with a plan


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Advice for the wo/man with a plan

  • Take $3,000 out of the bank. Stash it in several separate safe places.

  • Consider your water needs — for cooking, drinking, cleaning and bathing. Fill up multiple water storage containers, including the 55-gallon barrel. .

  • Talk to your family and make an emergency plan. Don't count on cell systems or e-mail working. Make a plan that takes in account the idea that communications may be down.

  • Decide who picks up the kids from daycare of school if an emergency happens and communications go down.

  • Figure out where you would evacuate to in a) your own neighborhood if you can't get back home; b) a nearby city, town, or shelter outside of your immediate area; c) another state or geographical area.

  • Can you drive yourself or otherwise get out of town in case of an evacuation? Decide on a meeting point with family if an immediate evacuation is necessary.

  • Discuss emergency plans with neighbors and friends who live nearby. There is strength in numbers in times of need.

  • Medications! Talk to your doctor and ask for an emergency supply of necessary meds before something happens. You may have to pay out of pocket for extra meds. But your doctor and your regular pharmacy may be unavailable after an emergency.

  • Pack the go bags that you purchased. Put essentials inside. Take a look at our go bag section.

  • Write down or photocopy your family contact numbers and addresses; doctor's contact info; your insurance info, etc. Your cell may lose power or become lost, so backup info is essential. Put it in a waterproof bag.

  • Do you have a pet? Consider that you may also have to evacuate your furry family, too. Consult our Pet guide here.

  • If you do have a separate shelter in a separate geographical location (like a country house, or a family home), outfit that locaiton with necessary backup food, water, and gear.


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