—"We know that being ready for a big storm or earthquake is important — but so is closet space. Happy medium, please?"

Here you'll find:

You live together and no longer use the stove just to store shoes. But how can the two of you get prepared for possible emergencies like blizzards, hurricanes, and terrorist attacks while facing the realities of city living?

Here you'll find 16 crucial items that should be sufficient for days-long blackouts and extended storms where you might need to stay home (cuddling, preferably). This can be accomplish on a very moderate budget, with ample lighting solutions, and even some tasty, heated food. 


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Food and cooking

Good To-Go ready-to-eat meals — healthy, delicious meals. Veggie and vegan options. Just add boiling water.

Emergency snacks — ideal non-perishables to have on hand.

Saratoga Farms Quick Oatmeal — an actual bucket's worth of hearty oatmeal, just in case.

Sterno Culinary Butane Stove — a backup way to heat up food and boil water.

Lights and power

5.11 EDC PL 2AAA penlight — a reliable, tiny flashlight.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern/USB Power Hub — a solar lantern for your dark bathroom and to read by.

Anker PowerCore Phone Charger or PowerCore+ 26800 — recharge devices multiple times when the power goes out.


Adventure Medical First Aid Kit — handy first-aid supplies in one place.


Midland Emergency Weather Radio — follow news and weather if cell coverage and the net go down.


LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter — easily disinfect dirty water.

WaterBrick 2 or 10 pack — store lots of water under your bed.

Smart stuff

Wooden Matches or a reliable lighter.

Ultimate Lithium AA and AAA batteries — lithium last longest.

Gregory Mountain Women's backpack and Men's backpack — in case you need to get out of town.

Real maps — If you need to evacuate, Google maps may be down.

Particulate Respirator, N95 face mask — helps filter out smoke or airborne illnesses. Sounds silly, until you need it.

16 essential disaster supplies for the city couple


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Advice: 5 simple things to do

 Disaster Advice for the City Couple

  • Take $1,000 to $3,000 out of the bank. Stash it someplace safe.

  • Buy even more water. Store in a closet or under a bed. 

  • Decide on a meeting spot(s) between the two of you if cell and net service were down. Then decide on alternate locales if you can't get home. Decide where you might go if you had to get out of the city, even if it was by foot. Discuss that plan with friends and family. 

  • Seriously consider food and water shortages. The more water you have, the better. Think about how much food you'd need for a week if you couldn't leave the apartment.

  • Pack the go bag that purchased. Put those essentials you've just purchased inside. Take a look at our go bag section.


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